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Raceiq is the only fully featured run logging, analysis, and prediction software available for your phone, tablet, or pcmac. Crew chief pro drag racing software and professional. Grandprix race manager is highly customizable and easy to use. My street legal car, without any special aerodynamic modifications, runs 5 second. The x1s ecu used in top sportsman and other classes is also a very popular system new for 2016 is the r8 ecu a fully sequential 8 cylinder engine control system with integrated chassis control functions. Davis technologies profiler wheel speed management system provides unprecedented control of wheel speed to give all classes of drag racers improved e. Computech offers multiple computer programs to supplement our datamaxx data logger and raceair weather station products.

Racing software drag racing weather stations, data. Drag racing family software computers and software. Race driver can handle multiple cars for a single owner. Dragstat software is the most advanced easy to use electronic drag race log book and run prediction software available to the sportsman racer.

Works for any combinations of weather instruments and for every form of motorsports drag racing, circle track racing, land speed racing, etc. The software creates a website on the main timing computer accessible by other computers using an ordinary web browser. Race works is a full featured drag racing logbook allowing for run storage, run analysis, run prediction, maintenance scheduling, vehicle setup, weather tracking and also directly interfaces with perform aire and other brand weather stationsweather centers and dataquest data recording systems. Crew chief pro drag racing software and female viagra uk professional weather stations. A drag racers source for the best prices on et prediction computers, racing software, data recorders, egt kits, weather stations, weather instruments, and more. For some who do not know what a drag and drop is, drag and drop is an act of dragging certain object or file within a device and drop it into another object. As the xlscore pro software manages the racing action, the software creates a website on the main timing computer accessible using an ordinary web browser. Jerry bickel race cars gives racers the technology to win. Create your classes on the main timing computer and. Dragstat software will enable you to keep track of all of your racing statistics, weather conditions, car setup parameters, maintenance items and more. From the automated installation to the software wizard guiding you through every step, this is the most advanced pinewood derby race manager you can buy. Grandprix race manager handles registering racers to determining award winners, making your race more organized, shorter and enjoyable for all. Each webpage contains race information automatically updated as the racing action occurs. Profiler can also include other great davis products like self.

Designed for the serious enthusiast, the desktop drag simulation will display et, mph, and comprehensive vehicle telemetry to within 5 percent of realworld, tracktest data. Meaney began marketing dfi through accel in 1991, later developed a new standalone system for f. Our competitors may claim that they provide the leading race management software, but we feel that the software should do the talking. Race management software for the 2900 xl professional and 2700 xl wireless drag timing systems. With six years of intensive work and over 9,000 hours of development, crew chief pro offers the most incredible program for drag racing. The dmrm runs on ms windows xp, vista, 7, 8, and windows 10. A wide range of software products have been developed since 1985, and rsa has thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. The drag racing analyzer pro is software for your personal computer to simulate a full power, standing start acceleration of most any vehicle you can design. Jegs performance has the best selection of high performance auto parts. Drag racing wireless system, not only is there no cables. Msd power grid ignition control drag racing engines.

The computech datamaxx data acquisition system is a complete standalone data logger designed to fit the average racers budget. Racing software free download racing top 4 download. Thank you crew chief pro we won the junior race in phoenix. Raceiq introduces affordable run logging, analysis, and et. Run completion with momentum analysis for accurate elapsed times. Racing software free download racing top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. Racing software raceworks electronic racing logbook.

Comp cams desktop drag race simulators 186401 summit racing. The default communications module for pa weather stations was revised. Portatree offers professional drag race timing systems that are affordable, accurate to. Squeeze the most performance possible from your fuelinjected setup with an engine management system from summit racing.

When did professional drag racing stop going a quarter. Raceamerica race management software for drag racing. The rsa software products business was purchased by don terrill racing secrets in 2007 and can now be found at shortly after this sale, patrick hale founded drag racing pro drpro to continue his. The benefits of drag and drop website builder will always be very ideal. Create your classes on the main timing computer and driver registration now on the. All computech software is designed and updated inhouse, allowing our tech support to help you through any potential questions or issues you may have. Dragstat drag racing software live predictions and logbook. Software engineers, math professors, and other experts were consulted to ensure crew chief pro would be unsurpassed in every aspect. Drag racing books drag racing software jerry bickel. Comp cams desktop drag race simulators 186401 summit. Check out engine control systems from holley, fast, chevrolet performance, aem. Drag strip timing systems accutime drag race timer. Track all chassis information including corner weights and center of gravity. Crew chief pro is the most amazing software ever created for sportsman drag racers.

Literally overnight, we saw additivemanufacturing labs 3d printing shops that make drag racing parts, shift those capacities into making face shield frames. Profiler samples at an extremely high rate of 1,000 times per second and has incredible accuracy to one rpm. A true testament to dfis potential is its impact on import drag racing, where big blocklevel air and fuel flow was crammed into four tiny cylinders and effectively managed with just four injectors. Its flagship xtr ecu won championships in nhra, pdra, adrl and extreme outlaw in 2015. Race coordinator is a free alternative slot car lap counting software package for the pc. Provides you with a fullblown scheduler including monthly, weekly and daily calendars. Finish line manager is a coaching tool to help drive the stripe. The timing system operator can selectively pick which screens to generate and. Portatree professional ultimate drag race timing system. Products drag racing family software computers and.

Race timing systems motor racing tag heuer professional timing. The most popular versions among drag net users are 4. Since then, it has dedicated itself to safety and also providing millions of racing fans. It is both very powerful and yet easy to use and setup. Davis technologies profiler wheel speed management. Drag net was developed to work on windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 and is compatible with 32bit systems. It contains a wide range of racing options from the most basic round robin races to the most complicated multi race events that include practice time, one or more qualifying races, and a finals. Crew chief pro has been in the business of calculating drag racing prediction for all classes of drag racing for 25 years.

Grab a controller or keyboard, settle into pole position, and floor the digital gas pedal with the best racing games for the pc. Windows compatible race works is designed with an easy to use windows interface integrated with. Chassis master software leading drag racing chassis. The best chassis shop for drag racing books and drag racing software to help with your race car setup and suspension tunning. Like its little brother the standard drag racing analyzer, it lets you play what if with engine power, weather, gear ratios, tire size, driving style, etc. Family software drag racing computers and software. Explore engine control computers which tune, manage and regulate the inputoutput signals, as well as power adders on your vehicles engine.

Family software drag racing computers and software, aston, pa. There is no comparison to any other 4link software available. The user has the capacity of doing this in any device for as long as the device. The slot master is a race management system designed to control and time scalextric and other slot car events. It can be configured to suit a variety of customer needs from basic lap timing and counting all the way up to total race control. Crew chief pro is an electronic logbook that also calculates et or throttle stop predictions and does run analysis, weather analysis, and opponent analysis. Apr 23, 2014 last fall at the street car super nationals held in las vegas, the drag racing world was put on notice shannon davis of davis technologies had figured out yet another way to allow a racer to make the most of their combination. Designed for muscle car, late model street and sportsman drag racing engines, along with boosted and individual runner throttle body applications, the fast xfi sportsman engine control system is a banktobank, fully softwaretunable efi setup. The setup screen allows you to select the format for your.

Alkypro supercharged alcohol fuel system analysis tuning. Discover the most accurate timing systems for motor racing. Jan, 2020 the drag net installer is commonly called dragnet. Race management software for cub scout pinewood derby, awana grand prix. The derby magic race manager software is the easiest software to use. Apr 18, 2017 emotional drag racing video 2k17 streetstrip. Due to the ongoing covid19 crisis we would like to offer an extended license period for any licenses purchased from the 31st march 2020 until the 31st march 2021. Add to cart drag pro 3000 drag racing timing system. The raceair cloud trailer weather station is the pinnacle of racing. Last fall at the street car super nationals held in las vegas, the drag racing world was put on notice shannon davis of davis technologies had figured out yet another way to allow a racer to make the most of their combination. Used by many of the best teams in drag racing, chassis master is easy to set up and input information. From drag racing to road racing, tractor pulling or any other motorsport.

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