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This article provides information on xenclient enterprise synchronizer migration. Xenclient 5 will be available for download august 12 from the citrix website. Synchronizer performs all the administrative tasks for the xenclient. Select the product version as xenclient enterprise 5. Citrix xenclient virtual machines vms are managed with a product called citrix synchronizer. Citrix have released a new version of the secure client hypervisor citrix xenclient xt 3 designed for organizations with extreme security requirements, including public sector customers, xenclient xt 3. Synchronizer for xenclient vm must first be downloaded from and imported into an existing xenserver that can communicate with the xenclient. Installation and configuration xenclient enterprise synchronizer. Citrix xenclient enterprise synchronizer installtion youtube. Xenclient enterprise synchronizer getting started citrix. Overview xenclient enterprise synchronizer configuration, then click on the active directory. Xenclient synchronizer xenclient synchronizer enables pcs with xenclient engine to download centrally managed virtual desktops and run them locally.

Citrix citrix xenclient delivers virtual desktops to go. In addition to increased support, xendesktop offers xenclient centralized management, image delivery, and backup, which is performed by a server component called citrix synchronizer. Citrix citrix advances enterprise mobility with xenclient 5. Designed for organizations with extreme security requirements, including public sector customers, xenclient xt 3. Customers that are current on xendesktop subscription advantage can download. Portions of this document may not be applicable to earlier or later versions of xenclient enterprise synchronizer. Copy or download the synchronizer install program to the server the synchronizer installation program can also be used to upgrade an existing installation. About the xenclient enterprise solution pdf download. Applicability this article is applicable to xenclient synchronizer version 5.

When a user logs into a xenclient engine, synchronizer downloads the vm to. Open and login to citrix xencenter and connect to the xenserver hosting the synchronizer for xenclient virtual appliance. Right click on the synchronizer virtual machine and select take. I was searching for best practices to prep the win8 vm but so. In a short, muddled announcement, citrix said that xenclient has officially started into the endoflife process. Using ad explorer to configure active directory citrix. Access the xenclient specifications page on the citrix web site to verify if your. Citrix recommends pairing the engine with the centralized management paradigm provided by synchronizer to experience all the benefits afforded by the xenclient enterprise.

Hi there, im currently using xenclient enterprise 4. Citrix have released a new version of the secure client hypervisor citrix xenclient xt 3. Citrix synchronizer for xenclient is the serverbased application for it administrators to manage xenclient virtual machine vm images, users, and their xenclient devices. Xenclient to synchronizer updates question questions.

Citrix xenclient is going away, but what will replace it. New versions will usually include updates to the engine and synchronizer. Xenclient is a desktop virtualization solution from citrix that runs secure virtual desktops on. Xenclient 5 is also included in xendesktop enterprise and platinum editions. Xenclient 2 extends the performance, flexibility and security of desktop virtualization to mobile usersand even lets them run multiple virtual. This document is applicable to xenclient enterprise synchronizer version 5. Download and run the compatibility checker citrix makes it easy to determine if your computer will work with the engine.

Nevertheless, xenclient integration with synchronizer and the capability to push a vm down to a xenclient is a powerful tool, but strongly bundled with a license. Citrix announced the availability of citrix xendesktop 7, the software is now available for. Desktops are run locally, without hosting applications or the operating system in a datacenter. Enables xenclient devices to communicate with any synchronizer for central management, enabling greater scalability, seamless deployments and faster. Short video that shows how the xenclient syncronizer it can be installed. How to upgrade to citrix xenclient service pack 1 sp1. The product software page to download xenclient enterprise software is displayed. Citrix virtual apps and desktops virtualization solution. Citrix advances enterprise mobility with xenclient 5 aol. Xenclient enterprise engine installation guide citrix. You can read all about todays announcement in peter blums blog or you. End users can download their assigned managed vms from the synchronizer to their local xenclient, but then also use.

Configure and synchronize multiple virtual machines on a single laptop. Using synchronizer, it can centrally backup user data through the secure. Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, breakfix requests, and other product issues. In xenclient enterprise synchronizer to download and install on a hyperv or xenserver for appliance format. Xenclient enterprise synchronizer installation guide 5. Xenclient is a desktop virtualization solution from citrix that runs secure virtual desktops on endpoint devices. Make sure you select compatible hardware the currently available version of the citrix xenclient express supports. The buzz around xenclient at last weeks citrix synergy conference in san francisco was simply amazing. Users of xenclient enterprise engine download images from the xenclient enterprise. Citrix virtual apps is an application virtualization solution that helps you optimize productivity with universal access to virtual apps and serverbased desktops from any device. Xenclient can work with the synchronizer service to get the latest vm images.

Availability xenclient 5 will be available for download august 12 from the citrix website. When contacted by a computer, it sends down updated. Demonstration of using the synchronizer virtual appliance to provision a virtual desktop to a xenclientequipped notebook pc. Download and install xenclient, citrix receiver, and the synchronizer appliance. Citrix xenclient is a type 1 or bare metal client hypervisor from software provider citrix systems. Xenclient enterprise installation and licensing citrix. The second is the xenclient enterprise synchronizer, the management server which manages multiple xenclient enterprise engines. Xenclient enterprise administration guide citrix docs. Xenclient synchronizerxenclient synchronizer enables devices with xenclient engine to download centrally managed virtual desktops and. Get the updated software xenclient enterprise software components are available on the software download page. Xenclient support for netscaler netscaler support for xenclient synchronizer. Synchronizer builds the vms, manages users and their groups, handles integration with active directory, and assigns vms to users. Availability xenclient express, which includes the xenclient bare metal hypervisor, citrix receiver for xenclient and synchronizer for xenclient, is freely available for public download. How to install and configure the citrix xenclient part 1.

Citrix xenclient delivers virtual desktops to go for. Citrix xenclient enterprise synchronizer installtion xeneilskov. In xenclient enterprise synchronizer, navigate to the xenclient enterprise synchronizer active directory tab. Citrix launches xenclient 2, new xenclient xt zdnet. Citrix xenclient extends desktop virtualization to mobile.

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