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Handson with the springfield armory saint the truth. A traditional manual safety is an optional feature. If you buy a new xd or xdm you can get two free magazines and a carrier. Springfield armory reserves the right to stop program at any time. Please allow 812 weeks to process coupon and delivery of product. Do not allow others to handle or fire your pistol until. Offer valid on purchase of any new springfield armory m1a rifle. From april 1 through june 30, 2018, customers who purchase any xds, xds mod. Springfield armory reserves the right to stop program at. Springfield armory offers 2020 m1a gear up promotion. Springfield armory announces all xd gear up promotion. For those of you who are wringing hands on whether to spend more for. Springfield armory 2018 m1a gear up program expires 05.

Had several individuals try to zero the weapon at 25 yards using a 100 and 200 yards target offsetmeaning it would be zeroed at 100 or 200 yards respectively, still shot very high, almost 12 inches. Springfield armory national historic site commemorates the critical role of the nations first armory by preserving and interpreting the worlds largest historic us military small arms collection, along with historic archives, buildings, and landscapes. American rifleman springfield armory announces gear up. Guide to springfield xd pistols by alien gear holsters alien gear. This is an instruction booklet on how to operate this firearm with some basic safe. Offer valid on purchase of any new springfield armory m1a rifle purchased between march 1st may 31st, 2020. Sa g4 mount shipped sooner than what amazon estimated and to my surprise, came in a nice sturdy springfield armory case with well documented installation instructions. Springfield armory offers black friday sales and deals every year. With a rich history stretching all the way back to the founding of the united states, springfield armory is a name that carries a lot of weight. I did a search on the word rebate and got nada, zil, zilch. Jul 25, 2018 pdf digital pattern springfield armory xds 3. O%er limited to one rebate per eligible rearm subject to. Enter to win the springfield armory 1911 range officer elite target pistol giveaway.

The laserguard for springfield armory xd lg448 from crimson trace is designed to fit xdm and xd pistols, so if you are looking for a springfield xd laser, the lg448 is a great choice from the crimson trace laserguard lineup. In addition to covering the various springfield armory pistols we also have large sections dedicated to other various firearms such as the. Overall, knowing springfield armory, i think this is a minor. From april 1, 2018 through june 30, 2018, customers who. With topics ranging from firearms, ccw, survival, tactics, training and much more, the armory life features some of the most respected experts in the firearms community. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other springfield armory promotions.

In 1794, the armory began to manufacture muskets and spent the next 150 years supplying firearms for every major american conflict. Springfield armory is shifting gears with their gear up promotion. Springfield armory is proud to introduce the ronin operator, a rugged and reliable 1911 pistol built for a lifetime of service. Save with verified springfield armory coupon codes and deals april 2020 by. Offer valid on purchase of any new springfield armory m1a rifle purchased between february 1, 2018 may 31, 2018. Springfield has some clever folks in their marketing department, although springfield inc. The armory life is your goto source for daily firearmsfocused content, delivering fresh and engaging entertainment and education.

Springfield armory recommends you seek qualified and competent training from a certified instructor prior to handling any firearm and be sure to read your owners manual. Springfield armory is pleased to announce the m1a gear up promotion. I chose springfield also because they were doing the, gear up promotion. This manual was designed to fit in your shirt or jacket pocket. Knowing when to start looking for springfield armory black friday sales is an essential part of saving money successfully. Find the greatest deals on firearms and accessories at. Other derivative variants sold by springfield armory, inc. These articles are considered to be suggestions and not recommendations from springfield armory. Everybody knows you wont misplace your favorite firearm, but how about that allimportant owners manual that came in the box. Jan 03, 2019 springfield armory announce m1a gear up promotion.

Its not every day that you rub shoulders with a living legend. Springfield armory 2018 m1a gear up program expires 0531. Not for any specific retailer, but i noticed this rebate on sportsmans outdoor superstore this morning and the value of the rebate makes buying most any of those guns a great deal. All unauthorized or invalid submissions including incomplete and illegible submission will not be completed. Gear up with hats, shirts, bags, and more and proclaim that you love great guns as much as we do. Springfield armory announce their m1a gear up promotion. Springfield armory coupon codes, discounts and deals als. Wondering which of the springfield xd pistols to get. Omaha outdoors is a springfield armory authorized dealer. You can find additional information about springfield armory black friday sale page on their official website. For all those reasons and more, its important to choose a scope mount that will help you get the most out of your scope. Shop for p9 parts and accessories with numrich gun parts, the worlds largest supplier of gun parts. From parts for their iconic 911 to the cuttingedge xd line of handguns and springfield saint ar15 rifles, we carry the gear you need to keep your springfield in optimal shape.

M1911, m1a, m14, ak47 and other ak rifles, ars and many more. Offer valid on purchase of any new springfield armory xd subcompact, xd mod. Void where prohibited by law, subject to tax, or otherwise restricted. Offer valid on purchase of any new springfield armory m1a rifle purchased between january 1, 2019 march 31, 2019. Our online store is loaded with proudly branded goods giving you every excuse to emblazon your domain with the springfield armory logo. Springfield armory 420 west main street geneseo, il 61254 8006806866. Overall, knowing springfield armory, i think this is a minor issue and they will work with me to rectify the situation. Please allow 812 weeks to process submission and delivery of product. Now get the latest and best coupon codes for springfield armory, america coupons and promo codes to. Ballance in san antonio, texas, in 1968, and it produced a civilian version of the m14 named the m1a.

One lucky winner will receive a springfield armory 1911 range officer elite target. Springfield armory xd semiauto pistol with high capacity. There are fantastic 37 active springfield armory promotions, which are totally free for you to choose. Nov 01, 2016 the first name in american firearms, springfield armory was founded in 1777, when george washington ordered the creation of an armory to store ammunition and gun carriages during the american revolution. Springfield and omaha outdoors faithfully carry on the history of americas final battle rifle. Many springfield armory coupons and promo codes for 2020 are at. Springfield armory is not responsible for late, misdirected or mutilated mail. Springeld armory 2017 gear up program 420 west main street geneseo, il 61254 3 all receipts must be received by july 31, 2017.

Offer valid on purchase of any new springfield armory pistol purchased between aug. It will probably take a while but hey, two free mags. Springfield armory announces gear up magazine madness. Brownells is your source for springfield m1a parts at brownells. Springfield armory web store springfield armory web store. Handson with the springfield armory saint the truth about guns. Three 3 20 round magazines as promised as part of springfield armorys rebate offer on m1aa. Springfield armory coupon codes, discounts and deals gun. No part of this website may be reproduced without written consent of springfield armory. The mount is very light and flawless that is no burs or milling marks, you can also cowitness iron sights. The company is unrelated to the likenamed former manufacturer of us military firearms in massachusetts, springfield armory. We carry a variety of springfield armory m1a rifles for sale, including traditional match rifles, socom, and scout models. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. The pistol is not unloaded until the chamber is empty.

With a huge selection of pistols and rifles, springfield armory is the premier manufacturer of quality handguns for protection and competitive shooting. To save you some time, weve come up with a top 5 list of the best m1a scope mounts online in 2020. The ergonomic design of springfield xd pistols optimizes pointability and shooting control to get you on target quickly and stay on target during rapid fire. In 2001, springfield armory redefined the industry standard for superior ergonomic comfort, ease of operation, features and performance in one fell swoop with the xd. Purchase any new springfield armory handgun between sept. Go to springfield armory gear up promo site and download the pdf file. Welcome to springfield armory promo code page, where you can enjoy great savings with current active springfield armory coupons and deals. For those of you looking for some info on your springfield armory firearm, then click the appropriate link below. Today you can save an instant 86% off discount with the most popular springfield armory discount code. Springfield armory ships fedex and the box was just sitting at my apartment door when i got home from work one day. While the ronin operator is the result of thoroughly modern precision manufacturing, its undeniably traditional in its approach to quality and performance. Youre already part of the family now represent with the latest official gear straight from the source. Founded in 1974 by bob reese, the company produces rifles such as the m1a and handguns such as the xd series and hellcat.

Visiting the program website minimizes customers turnaround time by ensuring their rebates are processed sooner. May 18, 2015 three 3 20 round magazines as promised as part of springfield armory s rebate offer on m1aa. Offer valid on purchase of any models listed above purchased between july 1, 2019 october 31, 2019. Save with verified springfield armory springfield armory.

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